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1.About Material

Brass is a popular saying,actulaly brass ia an alloy of copper and zinc,generally refers to brass with copper content 59%,62%,65%.


The copper content of bronze is 70-85%, and the lead content is extremely low, which can meet the requirements of
environmental protection testing, and its color is greener than that of brass.

White copper:
white copper is a copper-based alloy with nickel as the main additive element. It is silver-white with metallic
luster, hence the name copper-nickel alloy. 

Red copper:
it is copper that contains a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper. Our red copper
products are red copper with a copper content of 90%.

2.Process characteristics
Most of our company's products use lost wax casting technology, sand holes, parting lines, and some problems are unavoidable. If a perfect appearance is required, it is impossible for us to do it. This is a problem with the manufacturing process. It's hard to avoid.
If you mind, please don't buy.
The picture is example, we will try our best to control and do our best.
Thank you.
Example Showing
Our products will not be expired.But you need to know,If the product is not coated, the color of copper metal products will darken and rust over time, which is a natural reaction of copper and air.
4.Custom Oder
It's always a pain for customers to develop their own brand and design in the beginning when business is growing.Please ask us if you want customize your own item,we would like to help.
We have two warehouse,one is located in Germany and one is in south of China.Usually you order will be processed in our Germany warehouse but if the products are out of stock,we will split the shipment or ship from China by preferred shipping rate.
Please request wholesale quotation through email.
Our email address is
This is the only email what we use.
If you are interested in our products,please don't hesitate to ask.
We looking for Distributor worldwide.
As our distributor, We will provide very suitable prices, strong after-sales support, product quality assurance, and fast delivery speed.